What is Bail Bond

While most people are familiar with the phrase “out on bail” or “freed on bail” these days, most of those same people would probably have a tough time explaining how it all actually works. In most situations, people use the terms “bail” and “bond” as interchangeable terms that refer to the same thing, but the reality is that they are different parts of the process.

To help people get a clearer understanding of how the bail and bond process works, and to get a better idea of the role our company plays in this system, the team here at J Bond Bail Bonds in Rockwall, TX has put together some information about bail bonds.


The Difference

When a person is taken into police custody and charged with an offense, they may be an option to secure a release by posting a specified amount of money that is typically determined by a judge based on specific factors related to the situation. This amount of money is referred to as “bail” in the justice system and acts as an agreement between an individual and the court that they will return for their hearing at a specific date.

How a Bail Bond Provides Relief

While the bail amount can be surprisingly high in many situations, the courts are typically expected to return the money once the case has been processed and the individual has dutifully appeared at all expected dates and times. It is important to keep in mind though, that getting back the money posted as bail may not always be guaranteed.

If a person cannot pay the amount of money required by the court for bail, then they also have the option of seeking a “bond” from a third party. Instead of paying the court the full bail amount directly, a person can establish an agreement with another entity, typically a bail bond company, to cover the fee on their behalf as a way to be released from jail. In these situations, the person is still expected to appear in court, or else the entity that posted bail on their behalf (including a bail bond company) will not be able to recover these funds.

Despite bail being designed as a means to help people continue with their lives while waiting for a court date, the amounts set by most courts are well beyond the financial means of most individuals. What this means is that for many people, working with a bail bond company to get a bond is the best possible way to secure a release.

By signing a written contract with a bail bond company, an individual agrees to pay a percentage of the bail amount to the company, in exchange for their entire bail amount being covered with the court. This means that instead of having to pay a surprisingly large sum of money to the courts, individuals can work with a bail bond company to pay a smaller percentage in exchange for the chance to return to their normal lives.

In these situations, though, the bail bond company becomes responsible for the full bail amount of the individual, and that amount will be lost to the company if that person does not properly appear at their specified court dates. This means that the bail bond company has an interest in making sure that the people they enter into contracts with will properly appear at their court dates.

Because of the high costs associated with many crimes and offenses across the country, the services of a bail bond company are a lifeline for average citizens who need to be able to continue living their lives while waiting for their day in court. Rather than being stuck in a jail cell for days, weeks, or even months, people can enter into an agreement with a bail bond company, establish a contract, and secure their release so they can get back to their jobs, see their family, and focus on keeping everything stabilized.

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