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The Bail Bond Process

JBond Bail Bonds

The Bail Bond Process

It’s a safe bet that the term “bail” would be familiar to anyone and that most people have either seen, heard, or read about a situation where an alleged criminal is released from jail after paying bail. In most cases though, this bail amount can seem like a ridiculously large sum. It isn’t uncommon for people to ask questions like: “How could they afford that?”

Trials and court dates can often take weeks or even months to begin following the date of an arrest, and without bail, quite a few people would be forced to spend that time in jail. In the best cases, this would be a time of financial difficulty because of the time spent away from work. In the worst cases though, this can lead to problems with family, children, and other important life events.

To help people avoid these obstacles while waiting for their day in court, a bail bond offers a way to get helping paying bail, so that people can make sure their affairs are taken care of in the meantime. At JBond Bail Bonds in Rockwall, TX our team of professionals is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to issue bonds, which is an agreement to pay us a certain amount of your bail, so we can help you get out of jail and get back to your life.

How Exactly Does This Work?

When a person is arrested, they’ll be taken to a station and booked, which a process that involves gathering their information and registering them inside the police databases. This can involve everything from fingerprinting and photographs to a background check. Once this is done, the suspect will typically either be allowed to post bail immediately for less severe crimes or wait for a hearing with a judge to determine what bail will be.

The amount of bail will typically depend on the severity of the crime, and can also be left up to the discretion of the judge presiding over a suspect’s case. There may also be a predefined bail schedule that provides standard amounts for various crimes. In the end, a variety of factors go into determining the final bail amount during a bail hearing, and it is left entirely up to the judge in these situations.

The purpose of bail is to provide an assurance to the court that a suspect will return voluntarily for their assigned court dates, and in many cases, the fine will be returned once the case has been resolved. To help people who cannot afford to pay their full bail amount, a bond agency can be utilized to secure a bail bond.

What IS a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is an agreement between a person and a bond agency under which the suspect, or a friend or family member pays the agency a percentage of the full bail amount, and the agency covers the remaining cost of bail to secure their release. While the money paid to the agency for this service will not be returned in the way that bail would be returned by the court, it is a much more affordable way for a person to cover the steep costs of bail and move forward with their lives.

Through established agreements with local governments and financial institutions, a bond agency has the versatility and financial freedom needed to cover bond amounts at any time of the day. There is a downside for the agency though. These organizations assume financial responsibility for the bail amount if a person does not appear for their court date, and agents of the bonding company can’t locate the person and bring them to court.

Because a bail bond is a legal agreement, part of that agreement is the empowerment of the bond agency to send agents to look for individuals who fail to appear at their assigned court date and arrest them as a way of recovering their losses.

Getting Help from the Professionals

If you or someone you know has been arrested, and bail has been set, then our team of professionals at JBond Bail Bonds can help. After asking some basic questions, we can form a customized contractual agreement to be filled out. After taking care of the paperwork, a bondsman will handle bail and you or your loved one’s release will be secured. Once released, it is important to remember that there is a financial responsibility for the bail amount and that it is in everyone’s best interests to make sure that no court dates are missed during the upcoming months.

To learn more about how we can help, or to find out how to get started with a bond right away, be sure to contact our office in Rockwall, TX as soon as possible!